The new episodes of One Punch Man are now coming and viewers of this popular manga and anime series are excited. This time, you will see some more episodes of Saitama in season 3 who is the main superhero that can defeat anyone with just one punch. The leaks are now out and we will discuss that today.

Also, you will get to know what can happen next in the story and how the characters survive in upcoming episodes. The new part will be suspenseful and it is making a comeback after a long time people are also excited because there have been some leaks about it recently.

Are there any Release Updates for Season 3?

The viewers have been waiting for the next part of the series. This was a long break of three years since the last episodes ended but it is finally coming. According to the latest updates, it will come in the last quarter of 2024. The makers will start working on this series very soon as they are currently they are working on their other projects.

The information is finally announced by a trusted source. Now, everyone wants to see more of Saitama’s amazing adventures in One Punch Man new episodes. In the past, there were big gaps between the new parts like the second part came after four years between part 1 and this time, it is happening too. The creators are working on the Attack on Titan series, so there is a delay in the making of this series but you will get to see it in late 2024 or early 2025.

It is expected that season 3 will have 12 episodes which will be full of action, and the main character Saitama will be there as well. You will have to wait a bit longer for the official announcement but this is what we know so far.

One Punch Man
Main Cast Makoto Furukawa, Kaito Ishikawa, Max Mittelman, Zach Aguilar
Director Name Chikara Sakurai
Producer Name Chinatsu Matsui, Nobuyuki Hosoya, Keita Kodama
Writers Name Tomohiro Suzuki
Confirmed Confirmed
Coming Coming
Premiere Date Last Quarter of 2024
Genre Action, Comedy, Superhero, Manga, Webcomic
OTT Platform Netflix
Language Japanese, English, Hindi


Who will be Returning Star Cast?

The famous anime show One Punch Man has gained a lot of viewers because of its exciting story and characters. The main character in the series is Saitama whose role is played by Makoto Furukawa and he will be back again in upcoming episodes. Saitama is the real hero who can beat anyone with just one punch and his voice is famous. Kaito Ishikawa is another actor who gives his voice to the character of Genos who is a powerful hero. Max Mittelman and Zach Aguilar both give their voices to Saitama and Genos too.

One Punch Man Image

Also, Hiromichi Tezuka is the Commentator who tells about the show. Robbie Daymond has given his voice to Mumen Rider who rides a bike and wants to do good. The chemistry of these actors has made these characters feel alive in this series. They all will make a comeback again in the upcoming episodes.

  • Makoto Furukawa as Saitama
  • Kaito Ishikawa as Genos
  • Max Mittelman as Saitama
  • Zach Aguilar as Genos
  • Hiromichi Tezuka as Commentator
  • Robbie Daymond as Mumen Rider
  • Kyle Hebert as Bespectacled Worker
  • Shota Yamamoto as Bearded Worker
  • Yoji Ueda as Megane shokuin
  • Sean Chiplock as Eyelashes
  • Yoshiaki Hasegawa as Eyelashes
  • Kirk Thornton as Sitch
  • Shin’ya Hamazoe as Wild Monkey
  • Bill Rogers as Allback-man
  • Lin Hu as Genus-hakase
  • Hikaru Midorikawa as Garo
  • Ben Lepley as Amai Mask
  • Ben Pronsky as Lightning Max

What can be One Punch Man Season 3 Storylines?

Everyone is excited for the next part and no one can wait to see the Saitama’s heroic journey. Currently, the exact story is not revealed by the makers but you can guess some things from the previous parts. In the last episodes, we saw some villains who fought with the good guys and these bad guys will become more intense in the upcoming episodes.

The bad people are getting stronger, so now Saitama and Genos will have a tough time. They will need to have a new plan to win the battles. There will be exciting fights and you might get to know more details about Saitama. Even though he is super strong he feels that nothing is challenging for him and the upcoming episodes will be a tough fight with a powerful opponent. Also, one more character is Garou who used to be a good guy but now he turned into a strong villain. His relationship with the heroes can be could be explored more.

One Punch Man Season 2 Ending Explained

The finale of part 2 left everyone with mixed feelings and it didn’t return after many years. The last episode focused on the ongoing battle between Bang and Garou. But, it took a surprising turn when Elder Guy interrupted the fight which led to an unexpected end. Also, when Saitama arrived and defeated the giant man with his one-punch style, it was really exciting.

This episode of One Punch Man also introduced the new form of Garou which was taken away by the Monster Association. However, this was not as suspenseful as the viewers expected and many viewers stopped watching part 2 as it lacked the level of excitement that has to be in the finale. Now, everyone is excited to know if there is more suspense in the upcoming episodes.

When Will the Official Trailer Come for Season 3?

There are no official leaks about when the trailer for One Punch Man part 3 will come out. But viewers are waiting for the latest leaks from makers. You will get to see trailers before 2-3 months of the actual comeback of the series. In the past, trailers were really exciting and that is why everyone is talking about this now.

Final Words

Everyone is excited for season 3 and wants to know when it will come out, there are many leaks out now about this series but there is no official announcement at this time. But you will see some new leaks on One Punch Man’s new season very soon. We will update all the new information here as we get any official updates.

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