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We are a passionate team of cricket enthusiasts dedicated to delivering the latest news, analysis, and insights to fans around the world. Founded by Aman Mishra, Aware Voice was born out of a desire to create a platform that celebrates the spirit of cricket and fosters a vibrant community for fans to connect and share their love for the game.

Our Mission:

At Aware Voice, our mission is to:

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  • Offer insightful analysis and commentary from experienced writers and experts.
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Our team consists of individuals with a deep passion for cricket and a strong commitment to delivering high-quality content. We are writers, analysts, editors, and designers who are dedicated to bringing you the best possible experience.

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We believe in providing our readers with:

  • Unbiased and comprehensive coverage: We strive to bring you the latest news from around the world, regardless of team affiliation.
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  • Engaging content: We offer a variety of content formats, including news articles, features, interviews, and videos, to keep you engaged and informed.
  • Positive and inclusive community: We encourage respectful dialogue and discussion among our readers, regardless of their backgrounds or opinions.

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